The Beautiful Game

"There were many [refereeing] mistakes.  In Madrid-Barca matches, they must have a referee that’s able to match the quality of the game. In that state you can’t make the right decisions.  I don’t want to justify anything, my penalty might have been in or out, but there were a lot of other things. It was a difficult fight.  Maybe there were a lot of people that didn’t want us to win today, which would leave Barcelona out of the La Liga title race. I’ve been here for five years now and the game is not always played on the inside, but the outside. 

Since I’ve been here, Madrid has never been favored by the officials. Every year is the same. It makes me wonder if the match is just being played inside. It was important for Barcelona to survive. Obviously it annoys them if Madrid win, the biggest club in the world.  It creates jealously, which is normal. I understand that by playing at this club, I’m not treated equally. They can say it’s fair all they want, but it’s not, whether we play at home or away.  People wanted Barcelona to remain in the title fight & there they are.

I’m sure that no matter all this, we will win the Liga.

- Cristiano Ronaldo, after the match against Barcelona | 23-03-14